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Marina Rocks - Austin to Houston New album review in Americana Highways-by John Apice

"I’m most impressed with how Marina finds the right lyric to emphasize & curl around in her mouth like a peppermint ball. Allowing it to melt slowly & letting the flavor last even after the song’s over. These 8 songs are textured with passion as “Sleepy Hollow” — just a touch of echo sweetens Marina’s voice. Her presence in this tune is an ideal headphone song."

“Shine” is superb with its multiple voices that Marina layers throughout. Including a child-like Nanci Griffith tone as the guitars splash all around in a well-recorded take. I think the appropriate word is dynamic. That sums up Ms. Rocks – this is a great song. “Comeback Kid,” is somewhat a swipe at Bruce Springsteen territory. That’s fine, but Marina has done better. It’s her vocalizing that keeps this anchored as well as the brief vibrant foot stomping & hand clapping interlude."

"Marina has good creative elements in the tradition of Bonnie Raitt — that reach for mainstream ears. I liked all her songs. But the CD was far too short a collection. A reprise of “Sleepy Hollow” instrumentally sounds like the late guitar virtuoso John Fahey communicating through Marina’s fingers. Stunning work."

review in The Big Take Over-by Dave Franklin

"But this is no plundering or pastiche of past glories, and, having proven that she is no ordinary rock act, Marina Rocks settles into delivering a musical array of sound and style. “Cray Cray” establishes her more rock credentials, but if she is aligned closer to that genre than any other, it is rock played by her own rules."...

"In a shortlist of “one’s to watch,” Marina Rocks belongs in an elite subgroup entitled “no, I really mean it.”